Different ways you can support Joyce’s Kids …

Different ways you can support Joyce’s Kids …

It is always recommended you check with your pastor before making any donation to a missionary or missions organization. It is our desire to honor the wishes of your local church pastor.

Single or Monthly custom AMOUNT:

For a single donation or to make a custom monthly amount donation, please select the button below. The gift given here will go tot he general fund for Joyce’s Kids and will be used for the day to day operations of Joyce’s Kids and to assist with special projects.


This is an easy way for you to give your sponsorship online. Please be sure to place your student's number in the note section, so we know who is providing the support. By selecting the button below, you will be charged $30.00 a month through PayPal. 100% of all sponsorship funds will be used for your student's education; please read more on our sponsorship page.



The button below is for our SOME program. By selecting this, you will be part of the SOME who are making a difference. The link is pre-setup to deduct $10.00 a month through PayPal. You can read more on our SOME4JK page. Will you be one of the SOME compassionately making differences?

4 Ways to Give

Online giving is not for everyone. Bellow is a button to download our PDF on how you can send in your donations directly to Baptist International Outreach. Detailed instructions contained in the PDF.


If you would like to give directly to a missionary, please see the missionaries page (if they have given me the information the donation button will be on their page) or contact Baptist International Outreach for details on how to support a specific missionary.