Travis and Mimi News (Nov/Dec 2017)


It has been an exciting couple of months, and there is much to report so I will keep my opening short. I have just returned from an emergency trip to Botswana. On October 8th, we found out that one of our pastor's daughters (Mimi Moikotlhia) went missing, and with time we were able to determine the cause of this was due to cultic activities. This will be a lengthier letter than I would normally write, but please understand there is much more to report. I would be happy to visit your church and share our ministry burden and elaborate on this story. I know many of those receiving this may not yet support our ministry. My prayer is that these events will show why it is so necessary for us to return to our ministries in Ethiopia and Botswana as quickly as possible.

 "And of some have compassion, making a difference:"

Mimi and I spent much time in prayer and consideration as to what to do in this situation, and thanks to a generous gift from compassionate hearts I was able to travel to Botswana on October 20th to see how I could help. Shortly before I arrived, thanks to the prayers of many of you and friends of B.I.O. one of our Deaf church members spotted her at a bus stop and was able to have the police come and take her back to her family. This was a direct answer to the prayer that I would be able to meet and talk with her at church or the pastor’s home and not at the place she had gone.

"And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire;"

It became evident to us pretty quick why God had allowed this happen. When I was investigating the situation (before meeting with her) I had gone to the Secondary School to speak with a few people I knew about what had happened. When Corella and I reached the school, it was evident that demonic oppression was present there. This is something hard to explain unless you have experienced it first hand, but it was obvious. Whatever this was it was infecting the entire school; not only the deaf but also the hearing.

That week, as we prepared for Silent J.O.Y. Saturday, we met many people involved in this situation. We had arranged for the school to allow the Deaf students boarding at the school to walk to the church on Saturday for the activities. When we preached and presented the gospel to them, it brought Luke 8:12 to mind, "...then cometh the devil, and taketh away the word out of their hearts,"

I asked the hearing (about 40 kids and teens) to stay when the activities had ended and gave a special salvation message to them, while a few men prayed as I taught them. This was when God showed up! Every hearing person and one deaf man accepted Christ as their savior!

We were to go to the school the next day to teach the Deaf teens there, and so I instructed the men to spend all night in prayer. The next morning we started the Sunday activities at the younger children's school, and we all agreed for Corella to preach as we prayed, and we saw God save 9 of the children there. We then went on to the Secondary School, where we all again agreed for Emelang to preach as we prayed. God again showed up in full force, and 48 of the Deaf teenagers accepted Christ as their Savior!

Next was the time I had been praying for - the reason I had come - to speak to Mimi Moikotlhia. As I sat wondering what to say, the Spirit spoke to me that the real issue was that she needed to be saved. I explained salvation to her, and she then accepted Christ as her savior and shared with us the full story of what had happened. Though I do not have the time in this letter to explain it all, what I can share is that God protected her in a mighty way to make all this happen.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we would see many come to Lord; almost all of them having been affected by this evil presence. In one meeting that we were allowed to have at the school, we had over 151 saved!

"... hating even the garment spotted by the flesh."

We have 239 names and contacts of people who accepted Christ. What a wonderful God that he would use one little girl, a bad situation, show His protection, and overthrow the Devil in 6 weeks. 

"Now unto him, that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,"

This is why I say, "I like to watch God work!" There is not one of us who could have done any of this, but only a mighty God with a mighty Plan to tear down walls and take His property from the grips of evil.