What is a Joyce’s Kids sponsor?

A sponsor is someone who has made the decision in prayer to invest personally in the life of a deaf or blind child who is enrolled in one of the schools founded by B.I.O. missionaries and approved by the Executive Council. 

What needs do sponsorships cover?

Because of the special circumstances under which disabled children developing nations live, we are not able to give financial assistance directly to the families. The sponsorships will cover the expenses of all educational needs and materials, personal hygiene supplies, uniforms, two new pairs of shoes each year, one hot meal a day and any miscellaneous medical needs while at the school when needed.

Why do we need a sponsorship program?

B.I.O. missionaries as of 2016 are involved in six established schools for deaf children.  The Campinas Christian Deaf School in Campinas, Brazil; the VICKtory School for the Deaf in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Faith Baptist Community School for the Deaf and Kanyama School for the Deaf in
Lusaka, Zambia; and Cornerstone Baptist Deaf Academy in the Philippines.  B.I.O. also is involved with the Joyce’s Kids Home for the Blind in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

In September 2001 VICKtory School for the Deaf was started with 13 students.  At that point we were able to raise monthly support to take care of the expenses of the school and the needs of the students.  However, with the addition of a new grade and the additional students each year we are
unable to keep up with the extra expenses in this way.  The other schools face the same problems. The Sponsorship Program was initiated to help cover these expenses. 

How does Joyce's Kids Sponsorship Program insure my sponsored child actually benefits from my gift? 

All gifts given to the sponsorship program will be placed into a separate account to be applied to the educational needs of each child.  Records will be kept on each sponsored child and receipts will be sent to each sponsor.  The funds will be administered by the local missionary with the approval of the Director of Joyce’s Kids and the Executive Directors of B.I.O.  There will be absolute accountability.

At the beginning of each year pictures of the child will be sent to each sponsor.  At least once a year the sponsors will receive a personal correspondence from the student. A detailed budget for the school will be made yearly. Monthly reports will be submitted by each school and kept on record in the B.I.O. office by the Director of Joyce’s Kids. We work through our local missionaries and will make a personal visit to check on the progress of the schools at least every two years.

What is Joyce’s Kids commitment to me?

It has always been B.I.O.’s policy and that of the Joyce’s Kids Program to work through the pastor of local churches and the B.I.O. missionaries. We will not solicit from church members without the pastor’s approval!

We are committed to honor Christ in all that we do and our ultimate goal is to see deaf and blind children saved, taught, and trained in the Word of God. 

We are committed to use funds for the purpose they are given, with the highest standard of financial accountability.

To become a sponsor, please fill out the form bellow. Please let us know if you have any questions.

You can contact us:

Phone: 865-262-0900 (ask for Mrs. Barb)

Email: travis@joyceskids.org

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Select the desired country of the student you wish to sponsor.
Select the age range for the student you wish to sponsor. *Please know that we may have a 20-year-old in a Kindergarten class because they have never learned sign language.
If you do not mind whether your student is a boy or girl, you can select either, and we will choose a student from the school of your choice.
You can type in a specific birthdate; we cannot promise we will have a student that matches but we will try. *not required*

You can use the sponsorship button to pay your sponsorship online. When you do this $30.00 a month will be taken out of your account for sponsorship. You can cancel at any time through PayPal. Any questions please contact us at the BIO office: 865-262-0900