our Family

Combined my wife Mimi and I have been in the ministry for a little over 20 years. We have given our lives to God’s Great Commission.  We are both saved, my wife since she was 13 years old and myself since I was 16 years old. We have twin children Nikki and Logan (age 10).They have each accepted Christ as her Savior.

We served as missionaries to the country of Botswana for many years, and have maintained a ministry there since 1998. We are Independent Baptist Missionaries sent out of Henry Baptist Church in McDonough, GA. and serve under the banner of Baptist International Outreach.

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our Vision

  • To be one of the" SOME"

  • Move with Compassion

  • Make a Difference

With over 360 million Deaf people in the world, and it is estimated that only 1% are being reached for Christ. We simply want to be a part of the SOME who accepts the call to move with compassion and make a difference in the lives of the Deaf people we encounter, by first showing them the love of Christ and then presenting them the opportunity to accept His salvation and serve Him.

Download our trifold for more information here.

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While in Ethiopia we will be working within VICKtory Christian School for the Deaf to develop a Bible Curriculum that will not only see these precious children saved, but also move many of them to full-time service for the Lord as well. Ethiopia is said to be 50% Ethiopian Orthodox and 48% Muslim. We have an opportunity while these students are in school to give them the gospel and then teach them the word of God. We may never get this opportunity outside of the school as many of them are from Orthodox or Muslim families. We will also have the opportunity to show the love of Christ and witness to many of their family members who would not otherwise hear the Gospel from most people, but because of what we are doing through Christ for their children they will give an ear! We will be working towards planting a church on the school ground alongside a national pastor that I will personally work with to get the church started and then, in turn, the pastor will become the Bible teacher on the school grounds as well.


We will be traveling to the country of Botswana regularly to begin a circuit-riding ministry much like the ones we had America. Our team will be going by bus throughout the country establishing Deaf Bible studies and home ministries with the purpose of one day seeing a church planted where they travel.