What is Joyce's Kids All About ... 

For thirty-six years missionary Dr. Joyce Vick had a burden for and a ministry to the deaf and disabled children of Africa and the world.

As a result of Dr. Joyce’s vision, B.I.O. missionaries are involved in deaf ministries in Botswana, Brazil, Central America, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, the United States and Zambia.

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Our Mission

The Joyce’s Kids program was founded in September, 2000 for the purpose of continuing the ministry of Dr. Joyce Vick to the disabled children of the world. The Joyce’s Kids program provides a way for your B.I.O. missionaries to minister to the needs of disabled children and bring them the Hope of Christ within their families, through their local national churches. In addition to publishing both training and teaching materials for the Deaf, Joyce’s Kids has impacted a number of countries.

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Nancy and I support a number of Bible teaching and preaching ministries, but in many ways, we feel the
most effective ministries we work with are those organized along the lines of Joyce’s Kids, ministries which support and love individual children, nourishing them entirely, in the name of Christ, in body, soul, and spirit. The old preacher said if you want to get dynamic, you have to get specific - and when you are given the opportunity by a good ministry like Joyce’s Kids to direct, with laser focus, help and support to an individual child, God is honored, Christ is pleased and good things happen and multiply, both there across the sea and also here at home. We’ve found Joyce’s Kids to be effective, reliable and both children loving and Christ-honoring, and encourage others to sponsor a child through this ministry soon - they will not regret it!
— Emmett S. Manley, MD

Joyce’s Kids Ministering In...

  • Botswana - Two Churches for the Deaf and Youth Ministries for the Deaf and Hearing

  • Brazil - School for the Deaf and Deaf Evangelism

  • Central America - Deaf Churches and Deaf Camps

  • Ethiopia - School for the Deaf, Deaf Churches, Deaf Evangelism, and Home for the Blind

  • Mexico - Church planting for the Deaf and Deaf Evangelism

  • Nigeria - Deaf Church Planting

  • Philippines - Deaf School and Deaf Evengelism

  • Tanzania - Deaf Church Planting

  • South Africa - Deaf Church Planting, Printing for materials for the Deaf and College for the Deaf

  • USA - Deaf Church Planting, Home for Troubled Deaf, and Social Ministries for the Deaf

  • Zambia - Two Schools for the Deaf, Deaf Church Planting, Deaf College, and Deaf Evangelism